4 Side Hustle Jobs

4 Side Hustle Jobs

Many of us waste a lot of time doing a task that doesn’t add value to our salary. There are many side hustles out there that could bring in an extra $500  which doesn’t affect your usual job.


1  Voiceover and Audiobook narration:

If you’ve ever thought of monetizing your voice, then voiceover is the way to it. What you need to get started is a profile on sites like voices.com, you record an audio clip, read a page of a book, or pretend to narrate commercial content.

  1. 2.                   Become a Notary loan signing agent

Notary agents are trained to handle loan documents. They sit with borrowers to assist them in properly executing and returning real estate loan documents for processing. Most of the borrowers get hooked to their job during working hours and so they need a notary agent that can be available after working hours or weekends. This is an opportunity for agents to go for their usual job during the day.

  1. Online Tutoring

You may have skills to pass to others online. These may be skills you are passionate about and you like to impact the same knowledge to people. If you have your own site  or blog you can use such a platform to train people on such skills. You can train people on education, technology, farming, home skills, baking, etc. If you are good in any of the above-mentioned areas, you can impact people and make your money from it


  1. Create an Online Course

Having an online course is another side hustle to consider if you have what it take to train. In this case, you will have to make your course online but not real-time online..meaning you can record all your training and upload it for visitors to watch at their own pace.

Such training will attract tokens like $20-$50 depending on the course you are taking.


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