ALL You Need to Know To Boost Your Income

All You Need To Know To Boost Your Income

Everyone wants that little extra cash and to get this, you need to do a little extra, so here are tips on making some extra cash in 2022.

Learn a Skill;

Skills can fix you extra money or even pay you more than you job, and there are a thousand and one skills you can learn, especially tech skills.


Start a side business;

A side business aside from your major source of income will go a long way to keep you afloat financially, you must not even have a physical store to start, make use of an online platform to promote your visibility.


Get a certification;


Getting certification authenticates your claims and abilities to perform some jobs that can pay you extra money.


Drive Uber or Bolt;

As a side hustle you can choose to drive and get paid on your way to and from work.


Host your house on Airbnb;

If you have a nice apartment and you don’t mind sharing it and getting paid then it’s okay to put it up on Airbnb for people who would pay you as long as they stay .


Offer to do gigs on Fiverr;


On Fiverr people look for freelancers to outsource their jobs, so if you offer to do gigs that you are excellent at ,you can earn extra money.




Books you might find helpful in 2022


Books inform us ,and proper information is the foundation for proper decisions.

Some books I have found helpful are below.


For financial freedom


The Holy Bible ; Both the old and new testament.


The total money makeover by Dave Ramsey


Rich Dad; Poor Dad ; by Robert Kiyosaki


Think and Grow Rich; by Napoleon Hill


Secrets of a Millionaire; by T.haw Eker.


7 Habits of successful people


How to win friends and influence people


The laws of leadership


The power of positive thinking.

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