NO 1, Biogas Training in Nigeria

As part of the Green Nigeria Green yourself Biogas Training initiative,Bluescripts Biogas as one of Nigeria’s Leading zero-waste biogas firm is organizing a 2days day Biogas Training to participants to become an expert in producing from Gas from Kitchen waste for cooking.


  • Classroom Training
  • Online Training

Bluescript Tech is providing an opportunity to learn about Biogas by experienced instructors. At present, we are providing the courses on “Biogas Basics” and “Paddy Straw pre-treatment for Bio-methanation”. TO REGISTER, please CLICK HERE

Benefits of the Training Includues:

  1.  Certification
  2. Generating Self Employability Skills
  3. 2days days Becoming a Biogas Advocate and Enthusiast

As an Award winning team of professional engineers and  architects, customizing in home and institutional biogas design and consultancy, Bluescripts home automation would train individuals to work on small scale projects with participants to contribute to achieving a zero-waste economy in Nigeria and beyond.  Interest participants are to download the Training Application Forms here.

Limited seat available 

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