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How Much Does It Cost To Build Mobile App In Nigeria?

mobile apps development

The market of development of applications, especially mobile apps has significantly increased over the

years. While we all use applications for communication, games, business, sports and other similar

spheres, being able to create these applications is core business for some. They have looked at the

concept of mobile app development and have since benefitted from it.



Generally it is not easy to determine how much building an application will go far as there are many

factors involved in determining this.


The type of application you are developing

Aside from the fact that the price app developers charge varies from each other, the price really


depends on the type of app you want to develop and some other qualities.

With this you need to know that the cost of an app development depends on many factors and vary

largely depending on what you are looking to build.

Every application is different it is like asking about the cost of a house- it is actually quite difficult to

know the precise price without specifications. Moreover, the estimation is based on the basic time and

effort necessary to technically build the desired app.




Where you will be using the application

This also affects the cost of building an app. You might need to do and in some cases, spend more, if you

are launching your app on IOS platform. Here you need to look at the platform the app will be working

  1. Other platforms can be Windows (which is almost core for laptop-oriented applications). Android

(which is a popular option for mobile apps).

Those that will be using the application

Also, you might need to spend more if you want a better security system, including two-factor authentication, depending on the criticality and complexity of the application. Who can help develop your app idea

It is one thing to have an idea about the app you want to build, it is another thing to get it done. When it

comes to building an app, there are two basic options – using a mobile app development company or

hiring a freelance developer.

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Both Options come with their advantages and disadvantages.

As it stands, building an application costs between N40, 000 for a very simple mobile application by a

starting app developer or a sole developer and up to N300, 000 for a more sophisticated application by a

top agency.

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