Spain Ease Visa Process For International Students


International students that wish to study abroad more likely in Spain, the process
may not be as difficult anymore. You will find it lenient to pursue your advanced
educational degree in any University of your choice. Spain welcomes thousands of
students to its universities every year, and its educational backbone is recognized
around the globe. Spain is a top destination for education but not many countries are
eligible for visa-free travel, citizens of other countries need to obtain a particular type of
visa before they can pursue their studies in Spain.


The Spanish government is enacting
a new law for the University System (Draft Organic Law of the University System
[LOSU]). The objective is to improve the quality of the university system and to link it to
the economy and employment. This Law would give all international graduates the
opportunity to stay in the country after study without having to apply for a new visa, the
length of time may be increased to two years. Universities Minister Joan Subirats stated
that quo if the new law is approved, international students at Spanish universities will
no longer have to request a resident’s permit every year instead, their permits will
last for the entire length of their studies.


The enactment of the new law by the
Spanish government and will require governmental consent before it is established. If
passed, the new rules are expected to come into effect in 2023.
Governmental Process to Gain Approval into A Spanish University
The lengthy processes around recognizing international qualifications have
discouraged international students from studying in Spain. International students
hesitate to study in Spain as the validation of their qualifications takes more time and
they are not granted a residence permit in the country after graduation.


The law when approved will take care of these challenges. Spain offers about 527 programs out of the
8,788 programs available in the European Union and the European Economic area,
fewer than Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and France. According to data from
Study Portals, it was found that prospective international students have been
increasingly interested in Europe in general over the past 12 months, but that other
countries in the region have seen higher levels of demand, with Italy experiencing a
45% increase in traffic compared to Spain’s 18%.


The data also showed that growing
demand for Spain is being driven by students outside of the EU. This shows that Spain
is a popular destination for non-EU students. These changes i.e. the new law could
make the country even more appealing to international students as it would open up the
possibility of studying and working in Europe after graduation. The validation process
has a lengthy process that discourages students, it will be favorable for officials to look
at the process of applying to a Spanish university and see if there are ways it could be
simplified and made less complex.



Spanish Universities Need More International Students
Spain is a popular destination for non-EU students therefore increasing the
potential of the officials to captivate the attention of international students. According to, the Minister for Universities has called attention on the need to
promote the internationalization of Spanish universities in the European Higher
Education Area, promoting programs such as Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundo,
international mobility of teaching and management staff, inter-university alliances with
other countries the creation of shared degrees with foreign universities and active
participation in cooperation programs with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others.

The Erasmus Program (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of
University Students) is a European Union student exchange program. Erasmus+ is the
new program combining all the European Union’s current schemes for education. Many
universities in Spain actively welcome international students into their programs by
offering mobility programs. To this end, administrative procedures for accreditations and
qualifications will be simplified.
Plan For Africa
The President of the Government of Spain Pedro Sánchez stated that,this will be
Spain #39;s Decade in Africa  the program of action by the Government of Spain for the
coming years with the aim of supporting peace, stability and prosperity on the continent.
One of the aims of the Spanish government is to captivate more international students
and skilled workers from Africa;Focus on Africa 2023". President Pedro Sánchez
highlighted the profound changes that Africa is undergoing, which provides an
unmatched opportunity for its sustainable development. The Spanish Government
wants to accompany Africa into their society.


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