Working As UK Social Worker

Working as UK social worker
Due to the underline growing effect of Covid-19 and health workers shortage in the United
Kingdom, the government desperately needs the services of care assistants and nursing home
staff with little or no professional training, to come in for a minimum £20,480 salary per year
from any part of the world.

Coronavirus pandemic highlighted a range of staff shortages within the social care sector, which
affected the existing workforce, despite the incredible and tireless efforts of social care staff.
A Health and Care Worker visa was unveiled in August 2020 which permits medical
professionals to go to the UK and work with the NHS, an NHS supplier, or in adult social care.

Visa offers a 50 percent visa fee reduction, an exemption from the Immigration Health Surcharge, and a fast visa application processing. Care workers and carers recruited to the UK will be able
to bring their dependents; including partners and children, with the Health and Care visa offering
a pathway to settlement if they intend to remain employed and stay in the UK. Dependents
also benefit from fast-track processing, dedicated resources in processing applications and
reduced visa fees.
This decision made by the UK government will help salvage the pandemic challenges as they relate
to staffing in the social work sector of the country.

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